Pocket Fan

Beat the heat (or pretend to) with Pocket Fan, the handheld electric fan simulator. Just press the power button and imagine the cool air hitting your face.

Disclaimer: Android does not currently support blowing air through the device’s screen. Any cooling effect you experience while using this app is purely coincidental.

Pocket Fan also works great as a noise generator or sound machine. Let the gentle sound of a fan lull you to sleep. Drown out distractions while studying. Hypnotize yourself by staring into the rotating fan blades. The possibilities are endless!

Note: This app was developed on a phone but later tested to ensure it runs on tablets. Running it on a tablet makes it comically over-sized and more fun.

Permissions Explained:
android.permission.INTERNET: Analytics and Ads.

android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Analytics and Ads.

android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE: Ads.

android.permission.WAKE_LOCK: To keep fan sound running when screen turns off (enable/disable in Options)

Available in Android Market

Available on SlideME

Available on the Amazon Appstore

App It! on GetJar

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