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Gesture-Based Reloading Coming Soon

I’m about to add gesture-based reloading to Silver Dollar Shooter. I’m almost done tweaking some parameters and so far, it’s really fun. The update will come in the next few days.

I’m Going to Start Using This Blog as a Blog

So far, my only posts have been announcements about my new apps. That is boring. I can use Twitter for that (and I do).

Therefore, I am going to start mixing in some posts about my experience as a new Android developer. I figure that there are many people in my position that might be interested in my experience. Plus I think I might be able to save them some time by sharing my mistakes.

So stay tuned for more stories.


Silver Dollar Shooter Free v1.0 Released

I decided to release a free, ad-supported version of my new game. If you like it, please consider buying the ad-free version.

Silver Dollar Shooter

Silver Dollar Shooter v1.0 Released

I just published my first game!

Silver Dollar Shooter is a simple shooting gallery-style arcade game. Simply shoot the coins when they pop up. See how many dollars you can hit! Be careful, you can only miss 4 coins before the game ends.

Please be sure to send me any feedback you may have. You can email me at or leave a comment on my Market page.

Silver Dollar Shooter

Pocket Fan v1.0 Released

Check out my first Android app, Pocket Fan. This state-of-the-art handheld electric fan simulator will keep you cool, assuming you are not already hot.

Keep in mind that Android does not yet support blowing air through the device’s screen so any cooling effect will be purely coincidental.

Pocket Fan