Gesture-Based Reloading Coming Soon

I’m about to add gesture-based reloading to Silver Dollar Shooter. I’m almost done tweaking some parameters and so far, it’s really fun. The update will come in the next few days.

Things I am Doing When I Enter the Wrong Passcode

My phone and tablet can take pictures with the front-facing camera when somebody enters the wrong passcode. It’s meant to snap a picture of the person who stole your phone or somebody snooping around your gadgets. However, it also captures the moments when I am not paying attention to what I’m doing.

I think the funniest part is that I’m looking directly at the device for most of these pictures. I just suck at entering my passcode.

Page Speed Experiments

I decided to try out Google’s Page Speed extension for Chrome to see how fast my site loads.

Without optimization, my Page Speed Score was 59/100. After I implemented Page Speed’s suggestions, my score went up to 92/100.

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How to Break Your WordPress Site with GoDaddy

You may notice that the URL you’re seeing at the top of the page is not, but Or maybe I’ve already fixed the problem by the time you read this. Either way, I broke my domain and then my WordPress installation. Read more

Make a Free Version of Your Paid App

So you just finished your Android app. You spent many hours writing code and designing graphics. Maybe you spent a lot of money on a graphic designer and/or coder. Either way, your app looks beautiful and performs well. You deserve to be paid for your work. After all, you’re technically in debt if you count your own hourly rate and actually in debt if you count your graphic design budget. Here’s the story of a na├»ve developer (me) who thought everybody would want to buy his app. Read more